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Aero P2 Face mask

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Jimmy Tiwana:
Has anyone tried this

I am keen to buy this but not sure about the durability,  comfort and safety aspects. Looks exciting though

Basically a baseball catchers mask isnít it?

Jimmy Tiwana:

--- Quote from: SouthpawMark on October 30, 2019, 06:07:26 PM ---Basically a baseball catchers mask isnít it?

--- End quote ---

I do agree completely. I wonder if a keeper  can get away without needing an extra protection for the back and top of the head .

Let's see to get some feedback from any player who has actually used it.

There was a Yorkshire keeper who used to wear one, a few years back? Simon Guy?

Haven't seen anyone wear one in league cricket, but i can see the appeal. Just think that as they're different people probably feel a bit daft wearing em maybe?


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