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New impulse purchase Kookaburra WK gloves from OZ

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Bought these from cricket world Moorabbin, on a wine based impulse. Well pleased after waiting a long time. Different palm from the Yellow pro players but the fit and comfort of them is just as good.

They are a touch snugger than the Grays and Keeley WK gloves I also have but that is not a bad thing for me.

I saw they are waiting on delivery of an all-white version on the pro players gloves due end of July, even if there no cricket this season I can see a purchase being made.

Look out for a sale on keeley and gray nics cutoff as they now seem surplus to requirements.

Look good them :)

Look a lovely cut and colour scheme

I was never really a fan of the shorti until I got the yellow ones. but now wouldn't use anything else.

Hence considering selling the others

LookS like the leather would be super soft, nice


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