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Cricket nets from a bowling green?

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Does anyone know what the surface is like under an artificial (synthetic surface, not grass) bowling green, and how much work would be needed to convert to a cricket net base? There's an unused green behind our pavilion and it is an ideal see for a large set of nets. The surface feels solid ish but a bit more springy than nets.

There will be a variety of different shockpad types and also sub bases, just the same as a cricket area

The easiest way to check is to peel the surfaces back and inspect the base.

Happy to advise on what is and isnít possible and also provide a quote to install a practice area, feel free to email me

Sure thanks. We're based in Cambs. Have to jump through some hoops before we know if we can even use the area.

@Psi no worries, once you've got permission to use feel free to send over some photos and dimensions, we can do a site visit at some point as well to give our thoughts on the base.


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