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Small mens keeping gloves?


Afternoon all,

Having kept a few times this season I've decided I'd quite like to practice over the winter and maybe pitch myself as a keeper next season.

What I am finding is that all keeping gloves I've tried seem to come up quite large on me which I don't like (particularly the long fingers!). I currently have a pair of Gray Nicolls in standard size which are the best fit I've had so far but haven't found any in small mens.

Does anyone have any recommendations for small mens or even Youth size that are decent without breaking the bank?


GN used to have a few models including the Legend in small mens.

Failing that, the SF range of gloves comes up quite small I find.

Jimmy Tiwana:
Agree, gloves from the subcontinent brands tend to be a shade smaller in my experience.


Yes, agree with the above. Am using SS Finite and a good fit for me. G-N are the slightly smaller fit of the major brands in my experience.

I regard a genuine Small Mens size as one where there is also a Youth and standard Adult sizes available too, in the same range.


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