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Basic Thigh Pads for Poo Batsmen (The Anti-Buzz)

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So here is a very specific request - I think I have come full circle,

I have tried the Aero P2 and also some other 'inny - outy' thigh pad sets, and basically I find them cumbersome and obstructive. I'm not sure if it is my mahoosive plums, or my COVID-girth, but I cannot get comfy with them.

I play at a poo level with very gentle bowling, and I am thinking of going back to the old, skin-tight shorts with the outer pad in the outer pocket.

Does anyone have any recommendations for these - I used to use the Kookaburra shorts and they seemed to work quite well.

I am basically the 'Anti-Buzz'


Errrrrr - they look really good, but around 90 - no thanks!!!!

Never used them, but a quick search brought up these...

I used to use both inner and outer pads and they used to constantly slip down. Not sure if you having same issue. If yes  then What I noticed solved that problem for me was to stop using inner pad. Now only use outer pad which stays in place most of the time and much comfortable on its own


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