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Great suggestions, great thread!

Keep 'em coming. :)

Couple of things that help me..relaxing my mind between deliveries and when I take my stance, I say to myself - I am not getting out this ball.

Just wanted to give an update in regards to the psychology side. So from the recommendations I purchased Paddy Uptons 'Barefoot Coach' book soon after (through kindle). I have to say I thought it was brilliant, the stories included of his experiences as well as the information I could take from it and use on my own game...The 2 main points that I focused on were the deep breathing as the bowler was running in (as suggested) as well as making sure I get in and out of focus and getting into that optimal zone where you are passive in your concentration and "in the zone" I'm not saying this will work for everyone but after looking over my numbers this year I think it definitely helped me!

I've compared my 2019 season and 2021 season below-

2019 - 17 games, 284 runs @17, HS 52, 1x50.
2021- 16 games, 620 runs @41.3, HS 140, 3x50's and 2x100's.

I cant quite believe looking at that the difference, now I don't put this solely down to the book as I have taken on the captaincy of the team and numerous other things. But the aspects I have taken from it have undoubtedly helped me concentrate and focus on concentrating for longer, sustained periods of time and I am aware of this whilst batting that I am concentrating better. As well as enjoying my cricket more and having a laugh I've definitely developed my mental aspect and started to build on Innings where previously I would get 20/30 and get out.

I think I found what keeps me concentrating in the middle as well as more importantly what lets you relax by forgetting about the game for a few seconds inbetween balls. Personally I would definitely recommend Paddy's book to people to help them develop their concentration and I will definitely be reading another when the season recommence's!

Awesome mate well done.

Big fan of Paddy's book.

I think the key as you said was realising when you were drifting and so could re-focus yourself. A lot of players don't realise they have drifted or become distracted until you've made a poor decision or you're out.

Excellent results, well done.


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