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Whilst not directly relevant in context, I have a book called "The mental game of poker" by Jared Tendlar. He was a sports psychologist with a golf background before moving into poker. It's an outstanding book with real practical techniques for controlling emotions and maintaining high levels of performance, and much of it is easily translated into any sporting field.

“Winning Ways” by Rudi Webster is an oldie but a goodie.
My opinion on this is due to my own experience with the same issue.
Briefly, you need to be constantly aware of the “ little man on your shoulder.” He is the devil most of the time. If you work out which shots are working at any given time and stick to them you are a big chance. These shots can change e.g if your cover drive suddenly feels awful, put it away. Move your stance subtly across to off and look to play straight and maybe to leg if it feels better. You can also just defend an over to try and compose yourself, even let you partner know if he raises his eyebrows. It takes practice but it works. If you are chasing 5/6 an over settle for 3/4 and catch up later when you 70/80 and in control. Hope this helps.

Thank you for all the suggestions guys. Definitely going to have a Amazon delivery of a couple of books and have a good read!

Barefoot Coach by Paddy Upton. Cricket specific tips from one of the best In the business.


--- Quote from: brokenbat on May 02, 2021, 06:10:27 PM ---Barefoot Coach by Paddy Upton. Cricket specific tips from one of the best In the business.

--- End quote ---

I second this read. Plus any of his vidoes/Vlogs are great.

I have massive issues with getting distracted as well. The one thing that works for me (That I picked up from Paddy Upton) was focusing on my breathing when the bowler is running in. How the breath is going into my body and how it leaves on each breath (sounds silly I know). Helps me stay focused on the now and not pre-mediate etc.


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