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Neon Cricket:
So as noted earlier in the week, I am delighted to once again become a sponsor of CBF and hopefully be able to share a little insight into the workings of Neon as it continues to grow - as a brand that started out of a uni bedsit it's very much been a journey from the classic 'bedroom brand' to where it is today, as to what I'd like to think is a fairly established company!

Over the past couple of years the brand has really taken a leap, predominantly through focusing on social media and sponsorship of the local county league (Wiltshire). Whilst the brand is very much a national company as opposed to local, it's always great to see opposition players turning up with Neon gears so something I'm particularly fond of.

One fairly major factor which I'm sure most will have noted, is earlier in the year I was lucky enough to welcome Ian Bell to the company as a shareholder. Naturally this was one of the more eventful phone calls I've received but the input/knowledge/contacts have so far been utterly invaluable and should hopefully be just the start of something much bigger for Neon as we progress over the coming months/years.

In addition to Ian's involvement, we're also heavily involved with the Sixes Social Cricket ( venues opening up around the country, with Neon bats adorning the venue entrances/net lanes - definitely worth checking these out if you're local to one, great for a team evening out! I'm heading up to the newest Manchester venue next Saturday so will be sure to take some pictures.

One thing I'm keen to emphasise is that regardless of where the brand goes, I'm very conscious of supporting those who got us to this point and won't lose sight of this. We regularly support local clubs/long term customers with special requests/raffle prizes/mini pink or blue bats for new arrivals (you name it I've probably tried it!) - I'm extremely lucky to have a very loyal customer base who return year on year so it's great to be able to surprise these players every so often as a thanks for their support.

Over the coming months I'll try and post regularly with any cool events we're involved with, alongside the obligatory willow posts. I'm also planning a trip down CBF memory lane for a Q&A session with a not-so-surprise guest, so more on that one in due course!

For now, if anyone has any questions at all then please fire away and I'd be happy to answer - and yes, a CBF discount will be returning once the 2022 range goes live later in the year ;)


Ayrtek Cricket:
Good to see u back mate 🙌 was only telling someone the other day how you started neon at Uni as a final year project…funny how those things land u in the cricket market 😆

Neon Cricket:

--- Quote from: Ayrtek Cricket on September 17, 2021, 07:36:32 PM ---Good to see u back mate 🙌 was only telling someone the other day how you started neon at Uni as a final year project…funny how those things land u in the cricket market 😆

--- End quote ---

Ha thanks mate, so much for the 'hypothetical business' dissertation 😅

Excellent news and congratulations on the success of Neon

Nice work mate.

Always liked the unique style of your brand.


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