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Hi All, looking to replace my puma cricket spikes, I find I need a shoe with plenty of heel cushioning, I'm a heavier gentleman and find at the end of a game (I don't bowl) my feet are killing me, mainly on the heel area, I'm not sure if this is down to Plantar but I don't really get it with football boots or normal trainers. just my cricket shoes.

Looking for some recommendations.

Duck Duck Mongoose:
I just got a pair of New Balance CK10 that I really like, much more cushioning than the Asics Gullys that I had before.

With spikes though I think the comfort depends so much on the individual's foot shape and gait etc so it's probably worth trying on a few.

I got a set of Pumas at the end of this season, they definitely feel more cushioned than my ASICS so would probably rule those out. Payntr were also not massively cushioned IMO.

Another option might be getting a pair of comfortable and supportive trainers spiked up?

I had a pair of Adidas Solar Glides spiked up for this season.  Excellent stability (I am an over pronantor) and cushioning

Most bowing spikes (adidas, NB) have good heel cushioning. Adidas is a bit narrow in the toe box, Nb a bit wider. Both should be comfortable enough to bat in.


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