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Best shoe for cushioning/comfort

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--- Quote from: SD on October 03, 2021, 03:38:19 PM ---I had a pair of Adidas Solar Glides spiked up for this season.  Excellent stability (I am an over pronantor) and cushioning

--- End quote ---

Who did those for you?

I purchased the shoe from here:

The conversion was done by Spyder Cricket

as I play a lot on astros I've gotten Adidas Terrex trailrunners. Those are really the best shoe I've ever owned for cricket.

Worn Adidas for years but wasnt so keen on the 22 yards (bit rigid and heavy) and Vector pushing the budget.

As I bowl (medium trundle these days) I want some support that spiking trainers wouldnt provide so have opted for the Payntre 263 all rounder shoes which I purchased in a sale for 50 - not worn in anger but great support and plenty of cushioning compared to the orginal style

Thanks all.


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