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2021 World Cup T20

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Yes it became nearly impossible to defend a total fielding second in most games.
Stillwe peaked too early and the two finalists got better as the matches went on and in knockout cricket that is exactly how to play.

Think there is another WC coming soon so it will be interesting if the conditions play a big part there.

We bowled poorly and Australia batted well. Less on the toss I think in this game.
However T20 cricket is so dependent on the toss and something needs to be done. Do we give each team a a certain amount of picks and get rid of the toss? I know there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration like opposition and how do we do that fairly but when every team bowls first when they win the toss it needs to be addressed.

Are there any other sports where they have done away with the toss?

Dew is not a good enough excuse. Both Eng and Pak had their semi final in the bag, and despite the dew, their bowlers should have closed the game out.

fair play to the Aussies. Absolutely ruthless in the knockout stages of a World Cup. Yet again. Other teams need to learn from them.


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