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Buzz's Batting Book PLUS kitchen coaching videos (links in OP)

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A few people have asked about the batting book I have written.

If you are interested in taking a look, it can be downloaded here

I hope it is useful, please get in touch if you have any questions.
It is still a work in progress in some sections, buy thanks to Paul and Steve (you know who you are! ;)) for your comments

link updated June 2015

updated post with kitchen coaching links: grip and diamond Hips Posture Pick up Aligning stance Hitting through the on-side back foot defensive approach head position and not falling over through the shot

Really good read so far Buzz, I'm sure I will have plenty of questions once I have gone through it all.

Buzz that's a very good read, particularly the bit about bowling machines I like! Thanks a lot!

no worries, i am glad you like it :)
It will remain a work in progress so if there are any suggestions, please give me a shout!!

2nd failed attempt to download
do i need to create an account ?
2nd pop up downloads ilivid.exe


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