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How BIG can we go?

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--- Quote from: windyroad on February 29, 2016, 09:19:59 PM ---Can you still go through Kippax directly?  I used to have a couple of Leviathan bats years ago which I loved dearly and was looking into getting a Pureblade but was put off the fact that they were being sold exclusively through Allrounder.

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Allrounder is the only retailer who sells Kippax but you can deal with them directly via phone, email or arrange a visit.

They don't have an online shop directly though.

Visit them,  they love a good chat and might do you a deal.

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--- Quote from: uknsaunders on February 29, 2016, 10:33:39 PM ---Visit them,  they love a good chat and might do you a deal.

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Would love to, just too far away.

85.1cm or 33.5 inches is a standard short handle bat. with a tape measure the metal tab is always loose giving you an extra 5mm's or so. You will find that kippax bats are 1cm shorter than a standard short handle bat in terms of overall length, so basically the same size as a CA. Any one with a kippax bat simply line it up with a standard short handle bat and you will see the difference. If you are below 5 ft 1o this will probably make no difference, 5ft 11 and above you may struggle with digging out yorkers. Kippax make some cracking bats none the less. I do prefer there older shapes with the domed profile and smaller edges. They really did fly and were available in very light weights 2lb 6-7 and above. I think anything above 40mm and it becomes over kill especially if you are taking the meat out of the middle through concaving to achieve this. My preference is spine over edge than edge over spine.

The metal tab on a tape measure is meant to be loose. It's how you use a tape measure properly.


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