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Kippax Red Wheelie Duffle


Have any of you on the forum got the Kippax wheelie duffle?
Iíve picked up a bundle (pads & gloves are superb) but for the life of me I canít work out how the duffle has been designed to be set up.
Dumb question I know but someone please tell me how I should be using the pockets.
I get where the shoes, bats & cold drinks go - but itís the main compartment and side pockets that confuse me!!!

I've not got one but from the pictures I'm guessing a pad in each side pocket and the rest of your kit chucked into the middle compartment?

Thatís also what I assumed but no...

Left hand side pocket has an extendable inner lining & right hand side pocket is as standard

The inner lining is HUGE - hence my confusion itís not symmetrical

Yeah I have the duffle which I use for nets so just use the inner compartment to store all my batting kit.

Have used it once for a match and used the outer pockets for pads and then the inner compartment for all my whites, gloves helmet and thigh guards etc

Itís a very good bag

Cheers mate - thatís actually very helpful.

Iíve gone with your 2nd set up and it works best. Cheers.


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