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It's a quiet day in South Wales and after taking some pictures of my kit (which couldn't ever possibly rival Chad's piano backdrop) I thought I'd let you know about the latest kit I've acquired.

Really delighted with some recent pickups over the last month or two. Fully taken advantage of some clearance sales and offers so now I'm ready for the 2022 season, minus a couple of bits and bobs like helmet and bag, but who knows what Black Friday might throw up?!

I am midway through knocking in the Scott, so will provide a separate review when I get an idea of performance against a cricket ball and not just hours of whacking with a mallet. I'll try to include some specs as well. What I can announce, however, is how much of a delight the two batmakers were to deal with. Nothing but overwhelming levels of service, so thank you both.

The bats

In short, the Scott is beautifully finished, feels lovely in the hands and has a great pickup. The Willow & Wand feels incredible off the mallet and the handle feels just right in my hands, which is brilliant, considering it was an online purchase. I am really impressed with the stickering for both bats too. They feel like high quality stickers and are clean and simple. The Willow & Wand sticker has a lovely effect in sunlight.

The softs

The Red Ink pads were an absolute bargain at 30GBP. The design is traditional, they arent particularly heavy either and the branding isn't in your face. The feel comfortable to wear too, what more could I ask for?!

The gloves I bought for 40GBP after getting into contact with Jonny. The leather is Pittard and the design is nice and simple, again. I like my softs to be traditional, not too glaring in terms of colour. Even Gray Nicholls checkered pattern is a bit much for me. The gloves feel lovely on the hand, I haven't got the biggest mitts so there is a little bit of space inside the glove.

I'm sure the protection on these products is more than adequate for the quality of cricket I play, so no need to talk about that.

In summary, some lovely new pieces from members of the forum and overwhelmed by the quality of gear  :D

Love that, good to see people supporting forum brands where we can!


--- Quote from: Jimbo on November 19, 2021, 03:11:32 PM ---Love that, good to see people supporting forum brands where we can!

--- End quote ---

There’s something very satisfying as a consumer, buying from a small brand, and even more so when that brand is part of a small community.

The fact of the matter is that without discovering CBF, I wouldn’t have caught whiff of these brands, but in doing so I’ve managed to grab some great bargains of high quality. Everyone’s a winner!


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