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Pads keep coming undone - any tips?

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I'm getting hacked off with my pads as the velcro straps keep coming undone - especially the bottom ones.

Any advice to try before taking the plunge on a new pair?  I've tried clearing out any grass/debris and it does not make a huge difference. 

The velcro itself looks in OK condition and there is plenty of 'fluff' on the non-hooky side.

Thank you.

Obvious advice here would be, buy new ones 🙂

If your a fan hand you could stitch new Velcro in place of the older Velcro as itís cheap as chips compared to price of new pads, depending on quality and brand of pad but other than that no ideas on a solution to this that would hold the pad firmly in place Iím afraid.

A friend did this with his old pads but his wife is a wiz with the sewing machine

Great idea!  That's got to be worth a try.

It would offer the chance to shorten the straps at the same time.

New pads needed...


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