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Large pads and Gloves Buying Advice


Does anyone have some recommendations in regard to a glove and pads bundle I can buy? I like traditional cane (as white and unbranded as possible) and pittard gloves.

Ordered OSM dkp gloves and pads which looks great but that pads were too big (the top strap was too high and dug into my leg) - so Iíve decided to send them back. Iím 6ft 4 so a large size is still needed which is a tiny bit elusive from my searching.

Any advice would be really helpful - cheers

Gn have a size between Pam and menís or did as my old legends were little smaller than osm so use them for nets

Iím 6ft 4 and H4l large menís pads for fine for me but gm were too big


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