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King pair:
Hi All,

I am a bad sweater. I go through gloves like no one else I know. This obviously becomes expensive. Iíve tried inners before and always struggled with them, I feel like I canít feel the bat properly in my hands.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fingerless inners that are thin or skin tight or just good in anyway that would possibly make me change my mind?


Have you tried sizing down, maybe to youths? Canít say I have ever found a pair of inners that are thinner than the rest. I think the only solution is getting a smaller size and letting the material stretch out a bit.

Have you tried something like Mueller Magic Grip Spray?

King pair:

--- Quote from: SurreySam on May 06, 2021, 10:14:09 PM ---Have you tried something like Mueller Magic Grip Spray?

--- End quote ---

I havenít, can you elaborate?

Happy friendly interweb says...

What does Mueller Magic Grip Spray do?
When Magic Grip is applied it improves the grip by forming a dry, non-tacky film over the skin, preventing both sweat and water from affecting the grip either through skin pores or from the air.


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