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GN legend pads sizing


Looking at purchasing a pair of GN Legend pads.
Anyone know how they currently come up size wise as 6ft so bordering on large

I am 6'1" with disproportionately long legs and a disproportionately short body and the standard mens legend pads are absolutely fine on me.  I take an inside leg measurement of 34" in suits.

They are excellent pads

Iím 6í1 and a half and needed the large ones, the standard were like shin pads, this was in 2018.

This wasnít the case a few years before with my old ones, 2015, which are actually larger than the larges ones I got later.

I am 6ft1 and have some gn pads, medium sized. They are fractionally short for me.
I would suggest the medium ones should be OK for you.
Taller than 6ft 1 and you will likely need large.


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