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Going through the Albion and Albion X FB pages it seems they are just about to relaunch. Haven't heard anything from them in years but have been active recently on both those pages, with one post stating they are developing a new helmet (hopefully its better than the effort they put in on the NXT model). Also shown a glimpse of some softs which aren't very exciting themselves but at least shows they might be coming back from the dead.

Hopefully not a false dawn as I preferred the rounder shapes of their helmets.

Someone would have purchased the name trying to resuscitate the brand, tough gig unless they have very deep pockets.

adb club cricketer:
Would be interesting to see their new helmet designs, if they do make a comeback.

The gloves really are that nice at all. Would be a big mistake to go to market with those as a first attempt

Bit of a letdown, looks like old stock that's had a new earguard whacked on. Still using screws. The whole marketing of 'albion x' has been a bit strange tbh.

Don't think this is going to spring them back into the mainstream, and if it is just the old shells with a new guard not sure how it would pass the new standards.


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