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Slip catching

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Anyone got some recommended links (or info) for slip catching drills?

What equipment have you got available? Can't beat a slip cradle if your club has one.

Yeah we have slip cradles, we also have the ramps as well.

Do people tend to look at setups including the keeper in position as well on the cradles and ramps? To get a more in game feel?

Our coach tends to do a mix with the lads who stand in slips regularly. I'm only ever there in an absolute emergency so I tend to stick to the cradle as I find it helps massively with reactions and getting into a good catching position.

I practice my guys either 1 on 1 or in a cordon, with a tennis raquet and tennis ball.  Use the side of the nets as a backstop.  If you have a lineup of people for bowling or batting, send 2 or 3 to do some slips catching.

It's great for reflexes, and compared to cricket balls you can do 5 x as many catches before your hands hurt, and are much less likely to do an injury, particularly with kids.

I also use a home-made version of a Katchet mat at shorter range with cricket balls.


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