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Will they won't they.  Looks like a meeting is happening today for England players to decide on their availability, then the selectors can decide on a squad to be announced next week.

I am not sure they will go to be honest. The Aussie states are all fighting and it will be a very tough tour.

its a long tour so i can see why this is so important for the players to make the right decision for their families and mental health.

Tim Paine needs to wind his neck in on the subject, the aussies havent played an away match of any sort during covid so they cannot criticize anyone.

I think we will be without some players, those that are T20 as well as the Ashes.
The Aussie government has said they are the same as any other profession so at the moment itís in a bubble and quarantine and no travelling support.

And with no families allowed so far itís a tough decision for the players.
Root is not commiting to the tour at present which might be significant.
Butler def wonít go without families
Canít blame any of the players in my opinion for not travelling.

This bubble environment was flagged up very early by Eoin Morgan as unsustainable

Tim Paine already been piping up with some arrogant comments. So much for the "New Era" of Australian cricket.


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