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Duck Duck Mongoose:
I'm looking to revive and refurb my Albion Club Elite helmet for the new season. Most pressingly I need new foam inserts for inside the helmet, does anyone know where I can get some?

I'm also looking for new ear pads and possibly a titanium grill for it. I've spent a while searching online and drawn a blank so all leads welcome. Thanks!

Ayrtek Cricket:
ive got shed loads of coloured (red/grey and black versions from memory) ear pads for the grille if it's the type that was on the club mk2 model like the link below?

I need to look for padding too as I  know a few members have asked previously and I had a box of that too that I need to locate in the "archives" of my storage unit! Failing that I've got foam padding sets that I use on my own helmets that fit, they come in a pack that included 3 different thicknesses.

Duck Duck Mongoose:
Yes that's the one! I will gladly take a pair of the red ones off your hands please.

Would also really appreciate if you managed to find some of the padding - I'm sure yours would do the job fine but the main reason I like this helmet so much is the ventilation so I'd like to be able to keep the air holes clear.

Do you want to PM me payment details?

Ayrtek Cricket:
Let me have a dig about tomorrow and report back on everything and will PM you once I've successfully tracked things down.

Duck Duck Mongoose:
Perfect - thanks!


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