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Painting an Old Masuri Helmet


Have an old Masuri helmet approx 2 years old. The upper layer is a hard shell type and there are plenty of scratches. There is no damage within the shell or the padding. Planning to Spray paint it a new color Maybe Australian Yellow or SA/PAK green. Suggestions welcomed. has anyone done this ever before? Will share the images soon.

I've messed around with painting an old GM helmet, that is a hard shell type too. I'd definitely recommend spraying it - my experiment in painting it with a special matt paint just showed up the brush marks way too much.

I just used a matt black car primer on mine, and it looked fine after a couple of coats (it was covering blue). Just make sure you mask off everything you don't want painting (e.g the inside), as you'll have to go at all angles to cover it properly.

Never done it but I'd think you may need a finish on it to protect it? Spray on polyurethane or similar, but could be talkng complete rubbish!

Thank you for the suggestion guys. May be will give a white prime coat first then will go for yellow. Will share the results

Ayrtek Cricket:
Have done a few over the years 🫣 you’ll need to prime, paint and then clear coat lacquer it after. You can get either a gloss or matte lacquer depending upon the finish you want.

Halfords do a whole spectrum of car colours you can pick from.


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