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World cup twenty20 2010

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Does anyone know how them time differents to west indien are?

Ayrtek Cricket:
was literally just looking at the fixtures to see whats on...warm-up game of Sri Lanka vs SA should be a good one, anyone know if its on anywhere?

check out the p2p sites - myp2p and p2p4u, plus type in live cricket streaming to google - there are normally a few sites that will have the matches on as well, just a case of trawling through them.

Ayrtek Cricket:
didnt know if they would have the warm-up games being covered though?? Havent looked on Sky yet as bogged down with paperwork so cant open the door through piles on it :(

Mr Cricket:
dont think they will cover the warm up games but if theres anyone who hasnt got sky or cant watch the actual tournament for whatever reason send me a pm and ill sort you out a link to watch it online


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