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World cup twenty20 2010

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Great win and we deserved it,England played the best cricket and were worthy winners.Well done England!!!

Was a one sided match, England thrashed Australia like anything!! England looks a great side after along time now...hope they keeps up their performance like this in other formats of the game aswell!!

I hope England kick on now and destroy everyone


--- Quote from: Colesy on May 18, 2010, 10:23:08 AM ---I hope England kick on now and destroy everyone

--- End quote ---

England have never done well after winning a world tournament. Look at the Football after 66, the rugby after 2003 and the cricket after 2005. We have had a magnificent slump after winning each of those.

Hope for the best, Plan for the worst lol

we got to the final of the 2007 world cup, and won the ashes again in 2009


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