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World cup twenty20 2010

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i can see the world t20 being crap, having seen the first down games, the pitches aren't any good for t20 games

I think that because the pitches are so poor, the games will be very close, with the minnows definitely competing against the big boys, it will make very interesting viewing. To be honest I thought the Indian Premier league was becoming quite boring with teams racking up 190 and then teams crashing all out for 120. That was dull.

Mr Cricket:
i would like to congratulate ireland on their fine performance last night

Mr Cricket:
and im very dissapointed in the state of the grounds, terrible idea to take it to west indies

Grounds seem fine to me and look fair for both sides.
And to say it was a terrible idea to take it the windies is silly. If you've ever been to the carribean then you will know that they are nuts about their cricket out there and the atmosphere at games is great. Certainly wish i was back out their!


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