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Afternoon all,

This morning, I picked up a bat from Mr BlankBats which I am currently in the process of reviewing. Here are some pictures for you...I haven't been able to take pics as I have no camera, but BlankBats did so for me.

The bat has been provided with a grip, scuff-sheet edge tape and toe guard, and was completely handmade due to its profile. The profile goes for more subtle edges (29mm) and a high spine (close to 60mm). There are 6 grains, and it's not the prettiest looking bat I've ever seen, but these bats are selected on performance.

There are some blemishes on the back of the bat, and a couple high up on the front. Though, I don't care about the back, given that I try (!) and use the front lol! :)

The middle position is roughly in the middle, but it looks and feels like a wide-ranging middle.  Initial response bouncing a ball on it and using a mallet is very positive, with great rebound in my opinion. The handle is pretty oval-shaped to me, and feels good, given the innovation of the handle shape is a USP.

I am looking forward to using this with the bowling machine in about 10 days time! :) - And for throwdowns, and with bowlers bowling at me. The final test for me will be using it with a new ball. It has been suggested I do some more knocking in, so I will be in the process of doing that in the coming days.

Thanks BlankBats for the opportunity. At the moment, I'm very impressed - I have a feeling this bat is gonna go like a train and prove its worth. :D

Any questions please ask :)


Sorry for the quality of the first picture there, it seems to have come up a bit grainy for me :(

Beautiful shape

was a pleasure meeting up JOhan and talking bats etc

that is my pride and joy so please be gentle with her :)

Looks lovely, what weight is it Johan?

I hope the bat serves you well.


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