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Hi guys

Just thought I would start a little thread on seasonal transfers if anyone wants to participate.

where you are moving to for the current season, why you have decided to move on and what your thoughts are for the season ahead. You may be a paid mercenary or a journeyman cricketer who changes clubs a lot, you may be starting something new, or returning to an old club to play your last years out with old friends etc. Just thought it may be a good thread to take us into the new season.
I'll start things off.

I've played at 3 clubs in my local area since I started playing cricket but only moved between two rivals really other than 1  jnr/snr season in another league. The main clubs have been Streethouse CC and Old Sharlston CC. I started at Old Sharlston as a colt, moved to streethouse as a teenager (trophy hunter more like), left streethouse to pursue senior cricket at Old Sharlston and then went back to Streethouse  a few years ago to play with old friends and I missed the place immensely. So I wouldn't consider myself a journeyman cricketer, just never settled really.

This year I have decided to move on to something new - completely new - a new club Established last winter called Brook Walton CC. When I say new I am referring to the ground, club, some playing members and everything else that comes with a fresh experience. The people aren't new, well most aren't as the playing members are made up of my Old captain from Streethouse, a few lads that played down there and other league members from the local area, so everyone knows everyone, on the playing side at least.

I left Streethouse after a reasonably successful season last year - cup winners and league runners up (to Old Sharlston - well done again boys, thoroughly deserved after going 11-12 games unbeaten second half of the season).

It came as a bit of a shock to the lads down there and the skipper wasn't too impressed about things but hey ho, life goes on. I moved clubs to be a part of something different (new clubs are rare up these parts), to play with some old friends, lads from other clubs I used to play with or wanted to play with before and to try and help the club build a solid playing reputation and climb the league to play Division 1 cricket.

I've accepted a drop in standard going from Div 1 to Div 3 but that really doesn't concern me, Its not going to be easy and the road ahead is a long one but with the squad we have and the support I'm confident we can climb the leagues and be up at Div 1 where we all usually play in no time.

That's my 2014 transfer story, what's yours?

moving back to england in july (after 10 years away) to blast my team to the village cup final ............... if they are still in it by the time i get back.


--- Quote from: GarrettJ on March 07, 2014, 09:30:21 AM ---moving back to england in july (after 10 years away) to blast my team to the village cup final ............... if they are still in it by the time i get back.

--- End quote ---

Where's that mate? I cant play in the village this year as I played for Streethouse last year lol. Love the village Cup it's an amazing comp

And good luck playing in it, you have to be a signed up member and have fixture representation from the previous season to be an eligible player.... Unless the club has never entered before... You'll end up like me... drunk on a sunday 

If I recover from an operation on a torn ATF ligament I think that's what it's called! My ankle basically :) I hope to be playing in lisvane in Cardiff due to relocating down there :)

I'm moving clubs this year for no other reason than they are offering 60 ish games of cricket potentially against about 26. Standard on a Saturday will be slightly lower but Sundays better and lots of touring games, t20's, friendlies pre and post season etc.


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