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Your Kit for 2012 Season!!

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With the darker evenings slowly rolling in and the cricket season drawing to an end, I notice that people are already starting to think about what cricket fashions to wear next season!
So rather than posting in the 2011 kit topic (Soooo last year!) I thought it best to start next seasons topic to see if anyone is so well prepared that they already know what they'll be using! So who'll be the first?

PS. Our Australian friends can feel free to either keep posting in 2011, or they can even show us which trends to expect for next season!?  8)

Ordering my pads in the next couple of days, will get my kit up soon. No more additions I think.

I will have pictures up by the end of the week of my 2012 kit.

Bat: Ayrtek Elite
Gloves: 2 x Kookaburra Kahuna 1000
Pads: Kookaburra Kahuna 1000
Helmet: Masuri Titanium

Gloves arrived yet Liam?

I head back to Aussie in 2 weeks and will be heading straight to the Kooka factory in Melbourne to pick out all my gear. Can't wait


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