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Hi All,

As we've all seen, heard, read about new kit for next season already i'm just curious as to what people are thinking of spending there cricket money on,

As for me i have a new bag on my wish list which John at Redink is keeping me posted on, as it looks brilliant, and looking forward to it, Also i am tempted by the return of the Powerspot as i did have an original be it a very low grade one but it was my first cricket bat so could get one just for memories sake. But with Kookaburra bringing back the Bubble as well that could be on the hitlist just a pity they haven't gone back to amazing stickers it had like Slaz have done with the V6 and V12 as i did think my uncle's Bubbel 5 star was the best looking bat around.

Be interested to know what everyone is thinking for next year and who is planning on going retro and who is thinking brand new.

let the wishlist begin

The Bubble is on my wish list too buddy! Favourite bat as a kid.

Other than that, hopefully a pair of puma boots to replace this seasons. Other than that, not too much else.

There's still bloody 2 months left if this season!!! Hold your horses guys!!

Theres nothing wrong with being ready for the new year, but am really looking forward to getting my new redink bag when john gives them the all clear as my current boom boom one has just gone all of a sudden both zips knackered pity as it was doing ok,

but with the Bubble just so wish they had stayed fully retro and used the old stickers would have been immense

I've still got a Kookaburra Bubble 5 star from back in the day, never used. I keep it in the boot when I go to England games to hopefully catch Thorpey for a signature!


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