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AOC big fat christmas quiz 2014

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just wonder if anybody else was having a go at the quiz. ive managed to answer all but 2/3 of the questions if anybody has any ideas for the questions below that would be great or if anybody wants some help with theirs im happy to share answers

Which batsman/bowler combination has produced the most runs in Test cricket?

How many times did Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne share all 10 of the opposition wickets in a Test innings?

What did Sven Koenig in 2004 and Matt Prior in 2011 both achieve at Lord's?

Is the Matt Prior one breaking a window?

that is the year he did it but it doesn't relate in anyway to the other guy

Both scored a century at lords.  Prior vs India 1st test 2011.
Sven for middlesex 2004

i just think there is more to it then that as its in the section called "quirky goings on"

prior also managed a century in the other test at lords that summer


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