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Having been confident I wasn't going to buy any new kit this year, it appears this hasn't been the case.

Pictures coming tomorrow from me, in the meantime I think we need a 2016 thread.

Get your pictures here!!

I think this needs to include purchases made after 2015 kit had been declared - you know - those impulse purchases mid season. It's only right and proper - otherwise it's like building a new school ten miles away and calling it an annex oops!  :o

I started purchasing this stuff in bits at the start of September for the club I've found, but essentially preparing for winter nets/2016 season. You will notice a constant theme and I'm noooooooooooooooooo sorry, haha. Got most of this stuff in the ongoing sales, pleased so far. Remaining items are a bat and duffle which I'll sort when the new ranges become available, and a pair of spikes before the season starts.

Spartan MC4000
B3 Custom

New Balance TC 860 pads
New Balance TC 560 Gloves

Ayrtek Premium Steel
Aero P2 Strippers
Aero Box

New Balance 4030s
New Balance 4040s

GN Supernova Duffle
Puma bat mallet
Readers bat cone
Salix Bat Wax
GN oil
Puma grips
Various balls

Lots of new GM stuff

with a bag to come.

New balance shoes box etc not included!

I'll get phtos of all mine when I'm at home; however, there is quite a lot:

2 x Kippax Collusus
2 x Custom Hunts
2 x Newbery Krakatoa SPS
1 x NB 560 (Red one)
1 x Adidas Master Blaster Elite

2 x GM Original LE
1 x Newbery Thruxton (Top Line)
2 x GN Powerbow Players
1 x GN Prestige

1 x GN Powerbow Players
1 x GM D30 909

1 x Shrey (Masuri Old Style)
1 x Masuri (Old Style)
1 x Aero P1 Strippers
1 x Box
1 x Woodworm Bag - f**king massive and for the money... a bargain!
Flip Flops

Probably a load more stuff I've completely forgotten to mention!

Areas I'll be adding to:

New Pads - probably GN to match the gloves, and also as I've got little legs, so the GM stuff is huge on me!
New Gloves - add another set of GN Prestige to the collection; seem to have gelled well with them! And they've lasted 3 innings and 2 nets so far - so about as long as the Powerbow Players ones lasted before they got a huge hole in the them!

May also treat myself to a new box ;) Small things that count eh...


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