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A brief trip to visit Rob


Just a quick write up on my brief visit to Six Sixes Cricket today to collect a custom chase bat that Rob arranged for me.

Not going to go into much detail about the bat other than its a gun and a lovely shape for the weight of 2.9. Pressing is pretty much perfect as on all chase bats.

The real points to note from this review is that Rob has a brilliant shop over in Bristol nicely stocked with an array of kit. We had a good chat about a variety of things cricket related and the service I received from him with this bat was brilliant.

If anyone is in the area its well worth a visit

Six Sixes Cricket:
Thanks Jake, good to see you. Hopefully you get some pics up of the bat, itís a lovely custom made bat


And the lovely branded bat cover it came with:

Bat looks gorgeous but personally prefer the Chase branding

Hoping to visit Six Sixes soon myself


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