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Just though I'd give my first impressions and a preview of the new Uzi Softs for 2019, I don't think these have officially been released yet. I popped in at the weekend to take a bat in for a refurb and see what willow they had knocking about. Ended up walking out with new kit and a copy of my current bat being made :D I was using BB softs last year which I still very much rate as excellent value for money, but they are looking a bit tired and the gloves have gone crispy. Only used these in one net but they are excellent, fit very well (these are youth size BTW and I'm 5 ' 9"), really comfy and the price isn't ridiculous like so many OEM's these days. They look pretty spiffy too:

All in all excellent work Uzi, these are as good as anything out there at the moment IMO, if whiteout classiness is your thing.

Uzi showed me these today. Very nice.

Very nice, the white/silver understated look will never get old when it comes to softs, also find that Wrx pittards palm lasts longer than. Traditional pittards

Love the look of the gloves and so pleased to see more gloves with that style of Pittard palms. Well done @Uzi Sports on designing top looking softs for this season.

Oh wow they look great well done uzi!


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