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Decided to take a trip up to Swindon on Sunday to check out uzi sports. Massive thanks to uzi for his help picking out a bat, spent ages chatting bats, players etc. Finally decided on this uzi phoenix test.
Weight 2.12 which I'm still struggling believing as it feels more 2.10!
We all know who makes these so I won't go on about the performance. Slightly shorter blade, duck bill toe, and around a 38mm edge with min concave.
The heartwood won't be for everyone but I like it.

Also highly recommended the softs! Will be heading back for them soon.

Looks a lovely bat!!

I assume these are the robinsons made Uziís - nice stick though.

Toe guard, shoulders and finish all say Keeley to me.

That looks nice....
I'm a little bit jealous and now just dreaming......


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