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--- Quote from: alexhilly1492 on November 30, 2019, 09:02:25 AM --- With black Friday out of the way I thought this would be a good time to show off your kit for the 2020 season!!

With very few additions planned (I've just ordered the GM original Duffle 2020) this will be my kit for next year except for the H4L which has been moved on:


GM Noir signature 2.10
Newbery Krakatoa 2.12
SS Master 1000 2.10


Kookaburra ghost pro players 1 (aus)
Kookaburra something pro issue (aus)
GM original wk


Kookaburra ghost pro (UK)
H4L custom
Cicada something
Hunts aura wk
Puma wk inners
Aero p2s


Masuri elite ti double bar (green)
Old style masuri steel (blue)

Adidas sl22 FS
Oakley m frame
Oakley radar (I think)
Anything else in the pic

--- End quote ---

Becky go out for the afternoon mate? 😂


--- Quote from: 19reading87 on November 30, 2019, 05:09:15 PM ---Becky go out for the afternoon mate? 😂

--- End quote ---

Took this a while ago while she was tidying up else where! Got away with it a bit but she did notice the extra pads

Just received my new bat for next season today. Just waiting on my new pads and shoes to turn up which will be hopefully tomorrow and ill upload pictures.

In addition to this now got my bag sorted, GM original duffle 2020! fabulous bag!

Just waiting on my b3 pads and I shall take some snaps


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