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Contemplating shorter bats - size 6s. I will net with them and see how I feel.

@InternalTraining as you've said you'd size 6/3 bats are too light, could you contact a bat maker and get a new one made up that's heavier?

As opposed to wanting low density willow to make light big bats, you could request high density wood to make a 2lb11 size 6?

Just a thought, no idea if it's something easily achieved, but it can't hurt to ask the question :)

Yup. I experimented quite a bit with these bats configs...had couple heavier ones made as well - a 3lb-er from Laver and a 2-10 from MG2 which came a tad lighter. I am looking forward to winter nets to re-try these bats.

My 2020 kit is the same as my 2019 kit.

Two B3 bats that I bought a couple of years ago both of which are now nicely knocked in, 1 set of B3 gloves, old GM pads from 2011, old GN boots from 200?, jockstrap and box from the 90s, pair of £10 white trainers from decathlon, 2 plain cotton shirts, V neck sleeveless sweater, 3 pairs of grey shorts, club cap.

My only addition is a new club sweater for cold drizzly games.

The new bag: with kit


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