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Ayrtek Cricket:
Good to see that piano back in vogue 👍


Also, many thanks to the equipment used to help try measure/quantify things. (Calipers not pictured)

And lastly, thanks for reaching this part of the review. I do enjoy typing these up, but it is massively time consuming, so I'm grateful if you've spent the time to read, even if you think I just talk $H!+. (Do let me know if there's anything I don't cover, or that I am talking rubbish in) Hope it gives some good insight into what the Chroma is, and gives you an idea of whether its a bat that will suit you or not. :)

An excellent review as usual@ @Chad. Do we see a possible Phantom Anniversary edition bat review soon from you?

six and out:

--- Quote from: Ayrtek Cricket on November 22, 2020, 09:23:47 PM ---Good to see that piano back in vogue 👍

--- End quote ---

I was thinking exactly the same thing when I was looking at the review 😀😀

Firstly, thanks Chad for the excellent and most thorough review - much appreciated :)
But if I may,

--- Quote from: Chad on November 21, 2020, 10:34:37 PM ---
Pick Up: Subjective, but this feels quite light. I'd probably rate it as 2 on the GM Index. Feels light for 2.9.

--- End quote ---

Pickup.  It's always grated with me!  I've thought about this ever since discovering this forum, as it's always mentioned in any review, but it's always 'subjective'.
As you mentioned, GM have attempted to clarify this with their pickup index, but how does that relate to any other bat that isn't manufactured or indexed by GM?  Again, lots of room for personal opinions and guesses.
Why not take that huge grey area out, and replace it with something that's black and white?

'Pickup' is a function of three simple measurements - length, mass, and point of balance.
Point of Balance is easily measured by placing the bat across a cylindrical object (such as a horizontal beer can) and rolling it until the POB is found, mark the point and measure from there to the tip of the handle.
Measure the entire length of the bat, and divide POB measurement by this.  You now have POB as a %, which is indicative of where the middle is.  As an approximation I find .56 = high,  .58 = mid, .60+ = low.
The POB measured from the handle (mm), multiplied by the mass of the bat will give a meaningful measurement of what it will feel like in your hands.

For example, a 'high middle' bat might have a total length of 848mm, POB at 480mm, weight 1180g, so 480/848= POB% at .566     480mm X 1.180Kg = what I call a "pickup value" of 566,
a 'Low middle' bat might have the same length and weight, but POB at 520, so 520/848=POB% at .613    520mm  x 1.180Kg = a pickup value of 613,
and a junior size 6 'mid middle' bat having POB 462mm, length 790mm gives it POB% of .585     462mm X .921Kg = a pickup value of 425

It all seems so simple to me, I can help but wonder why nobody's ever used anything similar before?

Again, superb review, with great pics and information - thanks Chad.
I'm not directing this specifically at you, but at the forum in general.

GMs pickup index is quite straightforward and is largely a function of dead weight (most of their bat shapes are well balanced , so you won’t find a bat that picks up heavier than dead weight). If there is a 3lb 2 oz bat that picks up like a 2lb 14oz bat, they’d still put a pickup index of 5 (or 4) on it.

I like the system - generally their bats that are 2lb 8 or less have a pickup index of 1. Most player bats are 2 or 3 (since the profile is so full)... and I’ve never seen anything above a pickup index of 4.

It’s subjective, and they say so themselves, but on their website they explain what type of batsman would benefit from what index. Once you try a few, you’ll calibrate your own preferences to GMs index - I personally find anything above 1, too heavy to use in a game, and anything above 2, too heavy to even “collect”


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