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2022 Kit Wishlist

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With the various end of season sales still going on, Black Friday sales coming up and announcements for next season's new kit being made, what's everyone looking to pick up for next year?

Have to confess that I've probably already blown most of the self-imposed budget for next year's kit... 😂

Probably a new thigh pad.

Very very tempted by the GN Predator. Too much time watching Ramps when I was younger. Also, just purchased some MRF Kohli pads.

Just got some pads in the sale from Red Ink, had to double check the price it was THAT good!.. and a bat from Willow and Wand. Looking for some cheap gloves from a Black Friday sale and ill be ready for next season  :D

I fancy doing some more keeping next year and my gloves have seen better days, so may be on the lookout for some new ones. Afraid that's about it though!


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