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Decent LARGE inners


Can anyone recommend any decent large inners?
I have had the G NICS Legend delivered in a LARGE today and the fingers are about as long as my thumb.
I had the same issue with the Padded Chamois version last season.
It would  seem they changed their manufacturer as I am still wearing their padded chamois from around 5 years ago, with Velcro strap, and they fit perfect but are on their last legs.
Are profit margins so tight that they are saving on materials by making the fingers shorter?
Being an ex goalie I am very picky with the fit of gloves.
Iím not a fan of the Aero inners.

I just want a traditional pair of inners with long enough fingers.

are you looking for padded, chamois or cotton?

Traditional padded chamois preferably.
The pinky finger seems to be so short On the ones I have tried in the past couple of years.


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