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Over the years I have been on the forum, I haven't been that great at using forum sponsors. To my shame.

I decided that I needed to correct that fault, especially as I haven't bought a bat in over 2 years.

No I am not going to pretend I need a new bat, I don't. And given the net session I had yesterday when I was really truly terrible, this may be an issue.

However I wanted a Hell4Leather bat. I have wanted one for ages. I have never used one.

So I messaged James and said can you help me out here please.

Fortunately he said go on them and said here are two decent butterfly clefts, what do you think. On the old days I would probably have said both. But not today.

Why butterfly clefts? Firstly they are good value and I am a capricorn and secondly Babar has been using one and scored 13 scores of 50 or more with it. So if it is good enough for him...

I asked James for a 2.10 lump with an oval handle and double bound bottom hand.

Here are the pictures he has sent me of its progress. I will update you when. It arrives, in the next week or so. It is reasonable to say H4L is very busy right now and I am super grateful they have turned the bat around so fast...

OK now to the pictures, you are probably best starting at the bottom and working up.

Finished pics will be shared when I get the bat...


That thing is naughty in EVERY sense of the word

If you're going to wait two years to buy a bat you could choose a much worse one to break the dry spell with, that's a beaut.


Oh mate that shape looks so good! That's an absolute belter of a bat. Really nice looking Buzz


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