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Bats / Re: Oiling Bleached bats?
« Last post by Australian fast bowler on Today at 01:09:39 AM »
Thanks Gents for the replies, being a Gm and having the scuff on already ill leave it for now but i think i will be oiling it not to distant future
Bats / Re: New AS Champ
« Last post by Cholrudee on Today at 12:32:56 AM »
Why not open a PayPal dispute?
Gloves / Shai Hope SS gloves
« Last post by Drupy01 on Yesterday at 11:33:33 PM »
Love the look of the SS all white gloves Shai Hope is using.

Anybody know where I could get a pair or two?

Bats / Re: New AS Champ
« Last post by Sitonit on Yesterday at 11:15:07 PM »
Sorry but in the last 15 years of dealing with AS, this was my first EVER bad experience.

We all have different opinions and experiences and everyone commenting here is right in their perception.

The only main thing is the "pick and feel" of the bat that you can't really test in buying online bat.

So far as the weight goes, now a days, buyers simply ask the seller to put it on a scale and take a pic, before finalizing the sale. So that's not really something that should be a bother point. But yes, I got a bad experience due to trust developed over the years. I am still digging down and in contact with AS to figure out what happened?

But again for a $150? I don't think I would have any problem in getting my money back so the risk is minimum in dealing with this kind of price and getting this size of bat. But I think I will struggle to resell a Keely bat (If I don't like it) for 400. My two cents.
England / Re: Strongest England 'A' Team right now
« Last post by stevat on Yesterday at 10:59:19 PM »
Ooh, interesting. I'll probably change this five times but, on the basis of trying to win the series and playing Kiwi conditions I would go...

Joe Clarke
Jordan Clark
J Overton

If asked to look only at players with a test future, Patel would be replaced by Amar Virdi and Clark by Will Rhodes.

Coad would be dangerous in New Zealand, always liked Gleeson as a bowler, and think you'd be hard pressed to ignore Bailey from Lancs given the year he had last season.  In fact when you think of their side without Buttler and Anderson it's very strong for Div 1, nevermind Div 2 with that attack (Onions, Anderson, Bailey, Gleeson) and Joe Burns and Glenn Maxwell as overseas too.

Hard to disagree with most of your selections there, would probably try and fit TKC in there as well.
Bats / Re: New AS Champ
« Last post by Yorkershire on Yesterday at 10:15:37 PM »
Do agree but in this case it's not like people can be swayed to if I this g1 or g2... it's being sold as their top end bat!
Bats / Re: New JPGavan Custom - Photos update
« Last post by alexevo94 on Yesterday at 10:14:17 PM »
Those sgs look like massive over dried lumps!

Probs because only plays the BBL now
Bats / Re: New AS Champ
« Last post by InternalTraining on Yesterday at 10:11:00 PM »
Yes but tell me honestly that you think that bat is grade 1? Also they have to ship the clefts from the UK to Pakistan in the first place.

Bat grading based on "ruler straight grains" is a scam to rip off gullible customers. JS Wright has a total monopoly on the willow business and they and their buyers (bat makers and sellers) charge outrageous prices of bats made from clefts that don't cost more than USD 100. Customers also should share the blame where they blindly pay such high prices and demand NO standardization from bat makers.

You think we'd be having this discussion if bats were made to industry wide standards.
Bats / Re: New AS Champ
« Last post by Mfarank on Yesterday at 10:09:05 PM »
Yes but tell me honestly that you think that bat is grade 1? Also they have to ship the clefts from the UK to Pakistan in the first place.
Clefts are inexpensive and labor is very cheap in pakistan. And like i said the currency has taken a hit. A common man there cant afford the best bat that costs 40k. But when u convert them into gbp it looks like peanuts
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