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With the recent Kippax sale, the thought of a Sancta Grail at an an astonishing half price proved too irresistible.
One o' these beauties at a reasonably light weight has been on my hit list for a while.
A few exchanges with the man Chris Kippax himself (who was really easy to deal with) and I can now happily cross it off.
A thing of willowy loveliness. Hats off to Chris.

That's a beaut. Can you post the pictures full size, i. e. use the forum hot link option on post images.

Very nice - is that the standard SG shape? Lower middle than I thought they may have

Will try the hotlink next time. (But you can tap on each image to enlarge it.)

Standard shape, but the Grail is 8mm shorter on the blade.

Thanks, yes you can. But you also get a load of very unpleasant ads on screen with the photo...


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