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a friend has just bought his daughter a brand new optimum 1000 that was found in the depths of the clearance section of poorly stocked sports shop


--- Quote from: Leo on May 31, 2011, 06:41:45 PM ---I have a hunts county turbo... will upload pics later, think its from around 1985-90?

--- End quote ---

Get the pics up Fernando - that's pure bat porn!

Second up is this Hunts County Reflex 8* weighing in at a massive 2lb 9.3oz. Again, a bat design from circa 1991 (anyone wishing to correct me please go ahead!). The Reflex apparently has a hole drilled down the centre to improve the pick-up. I recall one of my school team-mates having one and a number of us being a) very jealous because it seemed huge and b) wondering who on earth Hunts County were as none of our local sports shops stocked them.

It's certainly a reasonably meaty bat, for it's weight, but the looks don't match the 8* rating the stickers give it. Having used it in the nets, as a bat that hadn't previously been used, it actually went pretty well. It wasn't the train that some of the newer bats I have tried have been, but it certainly didn't disappoint.

A more advanced handle than the Diamond, it has a triple sprung handle, the age of the deign can still be seen in the edges, which are again not particularly thick. Then again, the middle is good and relatively large, so that isn't an issue.

Having done a mallet rebound test on it similar to the Diamond, I'd have to say that it rebounded slightly better along a greater length of the bat, however this could easily be down to it having more wood.

The pictures for you to enjoy:

i've got a bat that was my grandfathers, think it's pretty old tbh, i'll get some pic for you's to estimate it's age

Haha, there's a load of those in the school's PE cupboard where I did my teaching placement. Very nice!!!


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