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Thanks MSR!!

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Soo after seeing the competition for designing some new stickers for the MSR bats, it left my mind pondering all day about what I'd go for an what is unusual instead off being the same. So I had finally came up with something so pm'd my design to Steve. On the 1st the winners were announced, and although I didn't come first (congratulations Joe!) I was happy to see my name in 3rd place..... Winning 2 cricket balls :). The balls arrived today and I'm more than happy with them! The materials used feel off good quality and nothing like what you'd find in sports direct known as bat breakers,,,,,,,, which I've had bad dealings with in the past (RIP Bradbury :(). I'd just like to say a big thank you to Steve and the guys at MSR for giving me the balls, with super fast delivery, and also congratulations to the other winners. Most off all good luck with the new stickers!

can you tell us how they perform after use?

Yeh I can mate however I won't be using them until winter nets about 3 weeks ago ill also tell you how durable they are if you'd like?

that would be great

Any idea how much these are being sold for?


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