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cricket bat sticker compitition

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good luck jawad, i get the feeling you'll be staring down the barrel of a gun with your 'double layered' bats selling point - but good luck!

i wud buy one as they are aswome and some pros maybe using some like it as its being investigated, but i wud 100% get one and whos gonna know in non countie cricket

How do you know they're awesome?

If I were to buy one I'd buy one from a company who actually makes them for players. There's a few ways you can laminate to get better performance and I'd rather buy from a company who can do it well than someone who is importing them.

Very easy to do, very hard to perfect.

SAF Bats:
So someone comes on a forum and says they are going to be selling illegal bats.... Asks for a sticker design everyone knows the brand name and bat name and sticker design.  You see one out there when you're playing and say hey up that bat is illegal Mr Umpire can you check it out.  MCC call new bat company and there ends the bat empire for that company


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