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And you thought the Australian selectors were insane....

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I don't think I'm as surprised as I should be about this...

Nepotism exists in all cricket, Sri Lanka just seem to have turned it up to eleven!

I don't find it surprising at all. We all know favouritisum goes on in all sports, just look at each nation and you'll see how they persist with failures as they are viewed as a 'first team player' etc. Happens in all nations from the international teams right down to the lowest club, in the lowest league in the land. You/we can never fix it because humans are evolved to keep their 'friends' close and so will always view them as 'better' or give opportunities if it serves a purpose (whether it be political, financial or motivated by friendship).  Sad but true.

The 22nd Yard:

There must be other Sri Lankan players that can hit the ball hard that average above 20? Even if he does bowl as well!

That's just crazy!

Jayasuriya kept playing when he didn't deserve a spot-  payback of some sorts now.


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