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250 Competition: 2 x 125 Gift Vouchers up for grabs!

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Morning all,

Those of you who are fans of our Facebook page should know about this already, but for those of you who don't, we are running another competition to celebrate the fact that we've just surpassed the 200,000 video views mark on our YouTube channel, 

When we reach 250,000 video views, the winner of this competition will be announced, so the more videos you watch, the quicker the 250 worth of gift vouchers will be given away...  :)

The first 125 Gift Voucher competition is being run via Facebook, the other will be on Twitter.  The same person could win both vouchers, so I would recommend signing up to Twitter if you aren't already on there!  :) The Facebook one has just gone live.  I will update this thread as soon as the Twitter one does too and explain how you can enter that.

For the Facebook one, all you need to do to enter is comment on the post I've just put up on and say "I have just entered the It's Just Cricket Ltd 250 Competition."  It's a limit of one entry per person per gift voucher, but as I said, the same person could win both...

Best of luck!


Thanks for all the Facebook entries, guys! Time to get the Twitter one up and running. So, a 2nd 125 Gift Voucher is on offer here. The same person could win both vouchers though, so those of you have already entered on Facebook should still enter via Twitter! All you need to do is tweet the following: I have just entered the @ItsJustCricket 250 Competition. #itsjustcricket

The Facebook and Twitter gift voucher winners will be announced at the same time - when we've reached 250,000 video views on our YouTube channel! Best of luck!

Thanks for all the entries so far, guys.  Much more on Facebook (162) than Twitter (85) so far though, so I suggest get tweeting! Remember, the same person can win both gift vouchers...

The current video view count is 204,374 so I reckon it'll be 3-4 weeks before we reach 250,000 and announce the winner.  So, there's still plenty of time to enter!  :)

Just a cheeky little bump on this competition.  Has anyone not entered yet? Remember there are two 125 gift vouchers up for grabs: one on Facebook, the other on Twitter.  The same person could win both...

The latest YouTube count is 241,564 so we're on pace to announce the winner by the end of the week! So, we're approaching the "last chance to enter" stage!  :)

just entered the FB one...hope its still valid  ???


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