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So it turns out that Mark Ramprakash has taken on Goochies role as batting coach - which is brilliant news.

He is responsible for Cook's change in technique and improvements too.

Best part of the forum the bits on technique, no bickering about pressing, bat makers, prices etc

After getting 40, 50, 60 in my last 3 innings decided my technique was a little off, felt like I'm planting my foot on off stump.

What do you reckon to opening my stance a little so my back leg is on centre and front leg on leg?

how about just opening your front foot slightly and keeping your back foot where it is usually?

I would try a few different things in the nets which are simple changes that can be embedded quickly.

Sounds like a better plan Buzz, cheers

Check out my suggestion in the mirror and it very open. Will move it slightly and get my head forward in the stance

i found the trigger movements useful. i found alot of the time i was feeling unsteady on my feet or not moving them at all.

i now press slighter forward on the ball of my front foot so far feeling much better


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